Re: [CODE] Windows 95 Email rego

From: Jason Wilkins (fenix@IO.COM)
Date: 10/30/98

On Fri, 30 Oct 1998, Jared Buckley wrote:

> Jason,
>         Could you send me the link to that program?  I'm dying
> for a full screen telnet emulator and I'm way too lazy to write
> my own.  (Gotta find something better than windoze's telnet, ugh!)
> Thanks,

I wanted to write my own as well, but never got around to it.  And with
this one I'll never have to write it ^_^

Here is the excerpt from for anyone interested in getting it.

Console telnet is a full screen (console) telnet for MS Win32
environments. It can be run in full screen text mode (a DOS session) or in
a graphic window. It supports ANSI colors, and has (almost) all the keys
customizable. The latest version gets a score of 72 on vttest, which means
you shouldn't experience any terminal emulation problems unless you're
running a really weird application. You can also redirect the telnet
session to STDIN and STDOUT for use with other programs. Telnet will
communicate the number of lines and line width to the host, and can
operate in any console mode.

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