Re: [OFFTOPIC, yet related :)] Port access "Bill Phelps" at Oct 31, 98 12:43:56 pm

From: Joshua French (jfrench@UMR.EDU)
Date: 10/31/98

Anyone have trouble building tintin for linux (specifically redhat 5.1?)
(If you have any help for me, or a compiled tintin, please send to me.
 I've gotten it to compile before, but that was older compiler.  Methinks
 it's compiler related, and I'm not the compiler guru.)

  Did anyone ever notice how everyone has access to the command return?  I
mean, this is how immortals are capable of getting back to their own
bodies from a switch.  But what I was thinking of was adding in
permission bits like those found in ultraEnvy (and prolly a few predecessors)

  Anyone who has already done this, would you be willing to share?  If not,
I hope to have something out soon.  This would be very useful to those who are working on 0-level muds, but
using circle as the code base.



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