Re: [OFFTOPIC, yet related :)] Port access

From: Jason Wilkins (fenix@IO.COM)
Date: 10/31/98

Jodi Goddard wrote:
> Ok, here's the deal.

> HOWEVER, the loosers who run the network put Port access restrictions, and
> you can't connect to port 110 (POP mail, but I don't really care about
> that) and any port higher than 1024 (I think they are on to our secret! :] )

The only thing I can think of is to put your mud on some system port, like port 80 (HTTP), so that
the proxy thinks you talking to a WWW server.  I think I heard a while back that you can run two
muds at the same time, one for players, the other for OLC.  You could run OLC on a port that the
proxy will let you talk to.  I assume that Telnet still works for shell access right?

You have to be root to run a program on a port below 1024, so if you don't have access you are out
of luck, because it will take some l33t skills to get past a properly configured firewall/proxy.

> I would also be interested in knowing HOW they do this *grin*

The other persons explanation was pretty good, and much simpler than I could have put it.

> Does anyone know a way around this; I tried Java Telnet app's as well as
> the Win Telnet.

Java telnet apps can only access the computer from which you loaded the class file, for security
reasons.  I'm working on a way around that however, my "telnet gateway" that I am working on may be
able to help you.  Someone ask earlier about redirecting a telnet session, well, you could run my
planned "telnet gateway" on a low port that the proxy will let you through to, and it will connect
to the mud and pass all the information along to you through that port.

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