[OFFTOPIC, yet related :)] Port access

From: Jodi Goddard (jodig@SPRINT.CA)
Date: 10/31/98

Ok, here's the deal.

I try to get on MUDs from my school network, so I can do some development
from school when things get extremly boring :]

HOWEVER, the loosers who run the network put Port access restrictions, and
you can't connect to port 110 (POP mail, but I don't really care about
that) and any port higher than 1024 (I think they are on to our secret! :] )

I would also be interested in knowing HOW they do this *grin*

Does anyone know a way around this; I tried Java Telnet app's as well as
the Win Telnet.

This is what I know of the network:
        Windows NT (version ?)
        A proxy server
        Not sure of what kind of connection, but it usually transfers at
57.6Kbytes (not bits)/s (What ever kind of line that is, I'm not sure)

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