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From: Igor (imestric@PUBLIC.SRCE.HR)
Date: 10/31/98

Ups, sorry about that "I want to host a circlemud"...
wrong reply (that happens when you have Eudora) that mail shoudn't end up
My apologize again...

Since i'm here, i might as well ask a question:
 I Tried to add another string to be used for moto of the player
  utils.h: #define GET_MOTO(ch)     ((ch)->player.moto)
  in structs.h is char *moto in the player_data and in char_file_u..
  in db.c i just copyed the code from player.title (mob_proto and
free_char) and put     player.moto cuz i think it's the same thing.. in
interpreter.c last code looks something   like:
  GET_MOTO(d->character) = str_dup(arg);
  and the actuall argument a player writes in the proces of a new character
  is shown (added this in do_score) but as soon as the player quites and
  the string is replaced with some weird ASCII chars...

  what could be the problem??

  Peace With You

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