Re: [OFFTOPIC, yet related :)] Port access

Date: 10/31/98

>I try to get on MUDs from my school network, so I can do some development
>from school when things get extremly boring :]

Someone else said that they used to run a mud, to give the kids something to
do and stop them trying to hack the network. IMO they'd all redouble
their efforts, so they could be a mud-God.

>HOWEVER, the loosers who run the network put Port access restrictions, and

Is it your mud? You might change the port the mud works on.

>Does anyone know a way around this; I tried Java Telnet app's as well as
>the Win Telnet.

If NT is set up properly, it's very, very hard to hack. If it's just out of
the box, it's a piece of cake. Check out Windows NT Magazine, October 1998
issue - it's got a big article on NT security which included the URLs of
some "toys" you can download.

Yea - we read it and went "WHAT!!!" then sat down and decided to update
our security policy.

Thanks guys.

>proxy server

The normal procedure in this case is for your machine to connect to the
proxy server, and the proxy server goes and gets the data for you - you
never get out onto the internet itself and the proxy server determines what
you can and cannot get access to. In certain circumstances, however, the
proxy server instead creates a connection for you, and you do get out - but
only if the proxy server says you can. The port blocking can be done on the
proxy server and also on any router ("junction box"), including the router
that connects the school network to the internet provider's line.

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