Re: [CRASH] Race Body Parts

From: Jason Wilkins (fenix@IO.COM)
Date: 11/01/98

Jourge Fuzz Bush wrote:
> Phillip A. Ames wrote:
> >
> > Hey all, I added in the race body parts, and have a question... When
> > someone tries to wear eq, the game will crash and when I click debug(I'm
> > running windows) points me to the chunk below.
> Would u mind telling me how to get debug working in win95 all I get is
> assembler code?

I just realized when you ask that this may be because the exception often happens in Kernel32, so
you get assembly for the kernel.  I was wondering how come all I got was assembly as well.  What
we'll have to do next time is go to the call stack combo box and see if we can select a function
from our own code that called into the kernel with bad parameters.

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