From: Ronny Iversen (ronnyi@IFI.UIO.NO)
Date: 11/01/98

Hi, this message is kinda for those using obuild ;)
According to samedis site, obuild 0.8 should be pretty bug free,
Im having several problems and I cant seem to locate the so hopefully
somebody else have had the same problems and knows the root of all this

First of all oset/mset sometimes scrambles text in the objects/mobs you
are editing.
It add  a bunch of wierd characters. Also if i try and purge some of
them, with the purge
the mud usually crashes in the free_obj function.

Ive been looking through the src several times, and I cannot locate the
error. Seems to be that the olc
doest like that you edit things when they are already in the game. If i
purge all the objects of a certain type, then edit it.
everything works fine. The problem is I can t purge all objects of a
certain type once I get players etc. It is also kinda annoying
having to purge 10mobs each time u gonna edit some apsects of it.

It seems that it is when I edit long/short description that the problem

Hopefully some of you out there can help me :)

Ronny Iversen

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