Re: Poll: Open Discussion on Levelling.

From: Zeavon (zeavon@KILNAR.COM)
Date: 11/02/98

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Jeffrey Hanks wrote:

> 1. How long should it take an average player to advance through each
> level (in hours)?

One hour of play per level that they have already gained is a good average
that I aim for with a few execeptions (see below.) This, of course, tops
out at about 20 hours for one level.

> 2. Would the length of time required change depending on the level
> they are at (i.e. would it take longer to go from level 49 to 50, then
> from 1 to 2)?

Yes. Higher level people take longer to level than lower level.

> 2b. If yes, then how long should it take to advance through low levels
> versus high levels?

The first five levels should come fairly quick so that the newbie will
feel a sense of accomplishment. I aim for one hour or so to get from level
one to level five. Once they are beyond that, it generally takes one hour
per level until they get to level fifteen or so. Between level five and
fifteen it scales up to my method listed above of one hour per level
already obtained.

> 3. For an average player, how long should it take them in real-time to
> advance from level 1 to the highest possible level (this will most
> likely be hundreds of hours)?

From level one to level fifty would take about 225 hours or so.

> 3b. How many levels do you have?

Fifty mortal levels.

> 4. How many monsters of equivalent level to the player should the
> player need to kill to gain enough experience points to level?

About 100 or so.

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