{Newbie} Possible Bug or Hacker?

From: the Huntress (rita.pin@YALE.EDU)
Date: 11/05/98

I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or a hacker or who knows what else...
I just had a level 2 player log in, his name was in very strange
characters and the game suddenly crashed.  When I checked the crash log,
it turns out that this person had somehow advanced to level 41...  (I know
my autowiz is buggy, crashing the game if you advance someone, but not if
you set someone at an imm level) I'm not sure I understand how he advanced
as there wasn't anyone on but me.

I'm running Circle 3.11...  I haven't seen this error before and the
game's been up for well over a year...

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Vinaya, one confused person

        "The trouble with followers is,
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                        - Erik Erikson

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