Re: [CODE REQUEST] autoeq patch?

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 11/05/98

I had to patch autoeq for pl11 into pl14 as well. I had a few confilicts
but you can comprimise from the file. (I hand patched the thing) and
there was one acmd I think it was crash_load I had to copy it from pl11
then paste the old pl11 into pl14 and patch it because it was crashing
in a for loop because of negitive integers. but if you copy a pl11
function called crash load or something.... (the place where it puts
bags back into bags and the stuff in bags into the proper bag.

Anyways it does work. Maybe if you having specific trouble you can send
that code of the patch and the code.
        - Matt
Jodi Goddard wrote:
> I'm using bpl14 with some modifications, and I got a patch file for bpl11
> to do the autoeq (Where you eq is put back on when you log back in) and it
> don't work .. plain and simple.  I tried debuging it, but I musta messed
> with things so much, that this patch wont work.
> The exact filename eludes me, but I believe I d/l'd it from ftp.circlemud.
> Does anyone know of another autoeq patch that works?  (.TXT file prefered,
> but hand patching is fine with me .. :] )
> Thanks in advance.
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