Re: Couple Neat things

From: Eric Helvey (helver@ALLIANCES.ORG)
Date: 11/06/98

I called mine reset_indices...


ls -1 /home/mudadmin/mud/lib/world | gawk -f reset

which calls reset:

        system("cd /home/mudadmin/mud/lib/world/"$1"; /bin/ls -1 *."$1" |
grep [0123456789] | sort -n > index.check; echo '$' >> index.check")

Basically it takes an ls of world which gives (wld, zon, shp, etc), and
pipes each one into reset...

in reset, you take an ls, grep it so you only get the files you want (no
index files, etc), then sort them numerically, since the ls output won't
be sorted.  Tack the $ onto the end, and you're done...


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