Couple Neat things

From: Peter Hartman (wart@KUNTRYNET.COM)
Date: 11/06/98

Greetings, et al.
  I've put together a logging function (cgi) that should work
with almost any CircleMUD.  I am still adding more functionality to this
script and invite any of you that use it and add another function to e-mail
so I can take advantage of this.

  I've also slapped together a quick perl script which (I feel) should be
included in some distribution, because it is darn useful.  You
can find it on the web [ ]

What it does is simple enough, it creates your index file based upon the
.obj, .mob, .wld, .zon files you have.  And then it sorts 'em and creates a
nice index for you.  Very easy index mantanience this way.  If you want to
remove a .mob, move it to .bak or some such and rerun this script.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Peter Hartman

  Current functionality of Logger (and examples)
[ ]

  - List Players who've logged in and when

  - List daily stats

  - List which players have died the most.  And how much. Very fun!

  - List which mobs have killed the most.  And how much. Those damn
cityguards, eh?

  - will list who has died, where, and when.

  - Index of functions

  I've placed these again in my pub directory.  Feel free to grab it and let
me know what you think and any additions you make.

  Hope these come in handy.

Peter Hartman
Eudaemonia MUD 4000 ( 4000)

"Wesel keeps hanging on."
 -- Laurie Anderson

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