OLC+2.0 errors

From: Brian Williams - Nashak (bmw@efn.org)
Date: 11/09/98

Hello, I just tried to put together a stock mud with olc+ 2.0 so I could
see all the features of it, and I can't get it to compile... I don't see
any reason these errors could be caused, and I haven't modified it at all,
it's stock bpl14 + olcplus 2.0, all the patching went in clean, no
gcc -c -g -O2 -Wall  olc.c
In file included from dg_olc.h:54,
                 from olc.c:17:
dg_scripts.h:86: redefinition of `struct cmdlist_element'
dg_scripts.h:92: redefinition of `struct trig_var_data'
dg_scripts.h:101: redefinition of `struct trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:123: redefinition of `struct script_data'
dg_scripts.h:135: redefinition of `struct script_memory'
dg_scripts.h:243: redefinition of `index_data'
dg_scripts.h:243: `index_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:244: redefinition of `room_data'
dg_scripts.h:244: `room_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:245: redefinition of `obj_data'
dg_scripts.h:245: `obj_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:246: redefinition of `trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:246: `trig_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:247: redefinition of `char_data'
dg_scripts.h:247: `char_data' previously declared here
make[1]: *** [olc.o] Error 1
all the ones that say previously declared are typedefs, such as:
typedef struct char_data char_data;
and all the others are just structs.. anyone have any idea why it's doing
this? I know it isn't just my server, cuz' it's exactly the same on 2
separate sites.. thanks for the time,


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