Re: OLC+2.0 errors

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (
Date: 11/09/98

Are you asking for an answer of how to fix or an answer reguarding
weather it's a bug. It might be a bug. The answer is probably to take
those lines out because they are doing nothing ifthey're already
defined. You might wanna comment it  out at first just incase there is a
special stynax of the typedef you need.

Brian Williams - Nashak wrote:
> dg_scripts.h:86: redefinition of `struct cmdlist_element'
> dg_scripts.h:92: redefinition of `struct trig_var_data'
> dg_scripts.h:101: redefinition of `struct trig_data'
> dg_scripts.h:123: redefinition of `struct script_data'
> dg_scripts.h:135: redefinition of `struct script_memory'
> dg_scripts.h:243: redefinition of `index_data'

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