Re: [bpl14] [win98] obj affects

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 11/13/98

Just a thing for thought... a good project for some newbie coders who want obj
affects might be to use the rent per/day obj stat as a spell # for spell
affects.  This is what I did..then just update OLC to bring up the spell list
and stuff for that input.

If anybody needs any help on how to start this (I did it a few weeks ago),
just ask.

 -=- Brandon

> I have looked over the archives and only found outdated snippets/hints
>  on how to go about adding obj_affects to olc.  I have put in the obj
>  affects snippet from the snippet site, but my builders tend to do all
>  the work online, so the example that was given with that does no help
>  really.  I was just wondering if anyone has added it to a newer version
>  of olc with dg_scripts.
>  Thanks
>  Scorn
>  BTW i am running olc version 1.5 and and olc+2.0

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