Re: [OFFTOPIC][NEWBIE] c editor for win95

From: Cervo (
Date: 11/14/98

> >I have a not so common problem. I have been coding my mud through a
> >unix shell account. I have since lost my server and do not have
> >enough HD space to run a C compiler on my little 486dx33 with 8MB of

SparQ my friend *cheap plug* :P  1 GB removable cartridges for the price
of an Iomega Zip Plus.  Catridges are 39 bucks each with a three pack
running for 100 bucks US.  It solved my disk space problems with my lousy
750 MB hard disk.

> >the patience for. Can anyone recommend a file editor that will not
> >want to change my file extentions for win95. I am in the process of
> >even run a REAL o/s because my family would suffer.
And I thought I had it bad :P  Anyway if you just want to do some cosmetic
changes to the code and you aren't going to be coding a lot I can't see
the benefit of downloading a C editor.  What's wrong with the msdos edit
command, or notepad?  These two editors work fine on C files.  Pretty much
any editor you use in 95 will add control m's to the end of each line, so
you will have to resave them in unix with an editor such as pico.  Or use
dos2unix or some other type of conversion program.  If you are going to
code Ultraedit is the best programming editor I've encountered for win95
as Ron said.  Ultraedit will ask to change your file extensions, but you
don't have to.  But for just a few changes I recommend msdos editor, it
served me well for the longest time.  If you are a die hard emacs fan or
die hard jed fan there are ports of those editors for windows somewhere.
I have also seen a port of pico somewhere.  I would recommend checking the
home page of your favorite unix editor, because many of them have windows
"ports" some of which are just cheesy hacks of the unix version, while
others are pretty sweet.  But only go editor searching if you plan to do a
lot of programming on windows.  Just for one little assignment why go
through all of the energy and trouble?

Windows isn't the worst OS in the world.  You have to work with what you
have.  If you ever do get disk space try cygnus GNU win32 for a port of
gcc.  When I ran win95 it was my primary C compiler.

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