[OFFTOPIC][NEWBIE] c editor for win95

From: John Hines (jahweb@grnco.net)
Date: 11/14/98

I have a not so common problem. I have been coding my mud through a
unix shell account. I have since lost my server and do not have
enough HD space to run a C compiler on my little 486dx33 with 8MB of
RAM. However I would like to do some cosmetic color changes to my
MUD's code and other such tedious garbage that I normally dont have
the patience for. Can anyone recommend a file editor that will not
want to change my file extentions for win95. I am in the process of
getting transfered onto a new server so I will be able to code for
real soon. I hate having a junky ol out of date system and i can't
even run a REAL o/s because my family would suffer.

How bout some pity man....

John Hines

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