Re: [OFFTOPIC][NEWBIE] c editor for win95

From: Ron Cole (
Date: 11/14/98

>I have a not so common problem. I have been coding my mud through a
>unix shell account. I have since lost my server and do not have
>enough HD space to run a C compiler on my little 486dx33 with 8MB of
>RAM. However I would like to do some cosmetic color changes to my
>MUD's code and other such tedious garbage that I normally dont have
>the patience for. Can anyone recommend a file editor that will not
>want to change my file extentions for win95. I am in the process of
>getting transfered onto a new server so I will be able to code for
>real soon. I hate having a junky ol out of date system and i can't
>even run a REAL o/s because my family would suffer.

Ultraedit is a fine text editor for 95.  Knows about C syntax, handles
transistions from unix to pc text files and even has a ftp client built in so
you can edit locally and then "save" the file to your unix server for
compilation.  Look for it at, its shareware and cheap to
register if you like it.


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