From: Phillip A Ames (
Date: 11/15/98

OK, I've just finished patching in board-2_2.patch from the FTP site and
had a coupla quick questions/problems.
In my boards.c file, I've got 3 bad things :)
C:\Circle\src\boards.c(22) : warning C4013: 'scandir' undefined; assuming
extern returning int
C:\Circle\src\boards.c(22) : error C2065: 'alphasort' : undeclared
C:\Circle\src\boards.c(88) : warning C4013: 'strcasecmp' undefined;
assuming extern returning int

Is alphasort supposed to be an int?  I haven't been able to find the
scandir function anywhere...  And what about strcasecmp?  Is that a
function I need?  Sorry if this is all newbie, but I'm clueless here....


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