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From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 11/16/98

> as i'm sure someone else will say, unix text files only need the \n
> (linefeed) at the end, whereas Windows (and DOS I think) use both the
> \r\n (carriage return followed by a linefeed). Having just a \n will
> work just fine on unix, but a Windows system, it would simply drop the
> cursor 1 row down. In fact, having thr \r in unix files screws them
> up..hence the need for the strip_string function that comes with oasis..

Just an addendum to your point:  We develop our mud in linux, but most of
our players (and a good # of our imms) come in from a windows environment,
(even if it's CRT to a unix shell account and tintin'ing in) so a lack of
both characters will cause some wierd line wrapping.

IMHO, unless you can ensure that noone will come in from windows, it's
better to have both, that way you have consistancy of display (at least as
much as possible.)

Just a thought.

Ghost Shaidan

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