Re: Question

From: Stephen Wolfe (
Date: 11/16/98

> > Just curious but I have a newbie question.
> > What does the \r do?
> If I recall my line termination sequences correctly, both of these are
> from the age of teletypes, and the \n would (and still does) move the
> cursor down one line (but retain its position in character #'s) and the \r
> will actually return the cursor to the begining of the line.
> One without the other is messy :)

as i'm sure someone else will say, unix text files only need the \n
(linefeed) at the end, whereas Windows (and DOS I think) use both the
\r\n (carriage return followed by a linefeed). Having just a \n will
work just fine on unix, but a Windows system, it would simply drop the
cursor 1 row down. In fact, having thr \r in unix files screws them
up..hence the need for the strip_string function that comes with oasis..


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