RCS & Circle & Multiple Developers

From: Silk (silk@ici.net)
Date: 11/22/98

Has anyone implemented RCS on a server type setup? I know that Erwin will
probably jump in and say something, so just to let you know, Erwin, I read
your letter on your webpage, and thats the setup I have now.

Basically, we have a colocated server, and some of our coders do not,
alas, have home machines capable of compiling circle. With the advent of
the colocated server I would like to put source control into the system,
always having had one general login per mud to work on, which is far far
far too easy for one person to screw something up and no finger can be
pointed to lay the blame unless you want to approximate from telnetd/ftpd
logs. And that's a PIMA.

I want people of a group to be able to play around with the code in there
own home directories, make a patch, and then apply the patch to the main
set of code and check everything in.

The way I have it now is that before compiling, you have to check it back
in, and it does a ci -l, so the file is constantly locked. I'm wondering
if I should...

a.) Make a binary, suid root, to chown & chmod all files in the src
directory properly to the "owner".

b.) Have them copy it to their home directory and make all the changes
they want, sans RCS, and then generate a patch.

c.) Then lock all files so no two people can apply patches at the same

d.) Apply patch.

e.) Fix problems, check everything into RCS (ci -l).

f) Compile successful?
f.1) Yes -> goto g.
f.2) No -> goto c. and then back to e. and then f.

g.) Unlock all files.

h.) Run binary to reset ownership.

Does this sound right? Anyone think of anything that I'm missing here?

Thanks to anyone who can follow up on this and help me out here.

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