Re: RCS & Circle & Multiple Developers

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 11/23/98

> Has anyone implemented RCS on a server type setup? I know that Erwin will
> probably jump in and say something, so just to let you know, Erwin, I read
> your letter on your webpage, and thats the setup I have now.

        RCS is really only a back bone system. To set it up in the way
you're talking, you'll want something like maybe, CVS.

        Or, even better, check out ''.  Its free if you
take the time to explain that you're using it for a not-for-profit thing.
It has a zillion things you'd like to have, web based interface, remorte
compilation and multiple trees, everything of course is tagged with
changes on a per-comit and per-file basis..
        Its also a bit less error prone than the situation you described.


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