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From: Christian Loth (
Date: 11/23/98


Patrick Dughi wrote:
>         Of course, you could also check out Peforce.  Frankly, it kicks
> CVS in the ass.  It has a nicer format, implements RCS internally, has a
> web interface, easier branching and tagging, plus a simpler update and
> commit functions.

Can it be tunneled via ssh to allow encrypted, secure connections? Does
it support binaries? What exactly is easier about it's branching and
tagging, updating and commiting? How is remote updating/commiting handled
on a box without a webbrowser? Can the remote/local updating/commiting
be automized (e.g. as cronjobs?).

How sure are you about the free and legal access to the software for
non-commerical projects (The 600 $/User license is simply unaffordable).
I am a bit suspicious here, because I've been told the same about
Insure++...we're using gdb, that should tell everything about the success
of presenting a non-commercial project.

I'd appreciate answers here, as our current experiences with CVS 1.10
(btw it has built-in RCS as well) aren't too bad, and it isn't that
difficult to use either. But of course I'm open for anything to
improve development, and not a this-and-that-zealot (well, excluding
the Win vs. Linux topic ;) ).

Thanks in advance,
- Chris

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