Re: Um, possible bug

From: George (
Date: 11/22/98

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, "CircadiaŠ Adminstrator" wrote:

>I am writing regarding an OLC bug that I'm facing on my mud.  Whenever
>someone is doing OLC (redit, medit, oedit, sedit, zedit, hedit, aedit,
>board writing, mailing)...what ever it is that's gotta do with OLC, then
>he/she gets disconnected in real life, but the character remains connected
>on the mud and when he/she tries to re-login, it is impossible.

It prevents player duplication.

>By what name do you wish to be known? Mynick
>Invalid name, please try another.
>Name: Mynic
>Invalid name, please try another.

You have two choices:
a) Add the OLC CON_ states to the accepted over-rent code.
b) Ignore it.

>It goes on and on until someone DCs that character's link.  Does anybody
>know what's wrong with it and any possible fix will be gladly appreciated.

What's wrong is their Internet connection. ;)

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