Re: Rerolling Stats Bug

From: George (
Date: 11/23/98

On Tue, 24 Nov 1998, Silk wrote:

>Having problems with some rerolling of stats. I can (usually) try to roll
>a few times before it crashes, but sometimes it can crash right when it
>goes to roll the first time. It seems to me that the problem is not in the
>actual code involving the rolling of the stats, but something with that
>particular CON_ value. I'm using a modified bpl11, but this has never
>worked reliably since I first moved it from one server to another, and all
>successive servers. (Oddly, the first was a SunOS box, and all successive
>were Linux boxes of one flavor or another. Hmmm...)

Nifty, memory corruption?

#0  0x804a8f2 in timeadd (a={tv_sec = 911885363, tv_usec = 855715}, b={
      tv_sec = 1073958349, tv_usec = 136466629}) at comm.c:942

 911885363 = 0x365a4433         6\nD3

Don't suppose your re-rolling function can output that sequence?

and your b.tv_sec/b.tv_usec look like stack pointers.  What compiler do you

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