From: George (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 11/23/98

* FTP Incoming directory

        Due to the recent move, no one can move things out of the incoming
        directory any longer.  I've already notified Jeremy and it should
        be fixed as soon as he lands and checks his mail.

* CVS Snapshots

        On hold because the CVS permissions are messed up.  I can't check
        stuff in, make diffs, or anything else. Fix estimated time is as
        per the FTP mention.

* Bugs

        Rick Glover <magik@thegrid.net> sent me about 22 different bugs.
        I've fixed 20/22 and will get the others probably shortly. Also
        squashed one from Andrey Fidrya <andrey@alex-ua.com> yesterday.

* Future

        I've been looking at glib 1.1.5 lately and it looks really nice.
        I'll be working on a proof-of-concept edition versus bpl14 to
        see what I can do with the CircleMUD code.  If you're interested,
        check out ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/gtk/.  It's Library GPL'd and
        seems really nice for portability, even to Windows.

        If the concept turns out worth it, I'll develop the bpl14-fork
        separately for a while until we're ready for new stuff in the
        new CircleMUD 4.0. [*] This does mean it'll be behind in a lot
        of bug fixes but in reality I'll probably learn later I did
        something a stupid way and implement it better the second time

I'll be around during Thanksgiving break (starting NOW, hehe) but I don't
think Jeremy will be around more due to personal obligations.

- [*] - I'm tired of saying '3.2', '3.x (x>1)', '3.5', or '4.0' so I'm just
        going to finalize the version number as '4.0'.  If we don't end
        up calling it that it won't be a big deal but I have enough changes
        planned to warrant it anyway. :)

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