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From: Doppleganger Software (
Date: 11/24/98

>i did have one more question regarding the mazes.  I made a 100 room
>square maze.  i have a room going into the maze and i had a room leaving
>the maze.  However i went to every room in the maze and realized that
>once you are in it there is no way out.  The rooms for the in/out part
>also change exits.  Is there something in the code i need to change so
>that atleast the end room goes to the next zone?

Ok, the only way to have an exit actually leave and enter the zone is to
have it an exit that cannot be randomized.  This means either up or down
in any room, or on the edges of the map, the direction that is away from
the maze (ie. north on the north wall, south on the south wall, etc.)  I
had mine set up like this, and it worked fine.

I am working on re-designing the maze system for a few new things.  Here
is the list:

Non-10x10 mazes (ie. 5x20)
Mazes of larger than 100 rooms
3-D mazes (ie. up and down are randomized as well)
Not requiring that the exits all be defined first (ie. just create blank
rooms with descriptions, and the code will create the exits for you based
on the size of the maze)
Crash protection (If you are missing a room, since missing exits won't
matter anymore, it won't crash, it will just leave an error message in
the log)

Some things need to be standard however.  For example, the first room
(x00) will always be the top, most north-western corner of the map, and
the last number will always be the bottom, most south-eastern corner of
the map.  This will enable people to figure out where they can have exits
out of the maze.  However, don't expect this code to be ready any time
soon.  First off, I don't even have a site of any stability.  Well, I do
have my mother's iMac I can pilfer for time needed.  If anything, I will
take a stock copy of CircleMUD (whatever version the CVS is at) and
compile that to use as testing grounds.

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