Porting ROM Exp/Spell/Skill sytem

From: Nick Stout (cyberman_64@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/24/98

Hey... A stupid question...
I REALLY like the exp and spell/skill system for Rom a lot more than the
one for Circle. Is there any chance anyone on this list has possibly
ported the ROM stuff to Circle? If so, can you possibly tell me a site i
can get it at or send a basic idea to me? Or does anyone have any tips
on porting Rom to Circle? I really would be in debt for it, because I
have been trying to duplicate their spell system, but dont seem to be
able to. Without reinventing my very own system, which would take
forever, I wanted to see if someone had already invented this wheel. Any
-CyberMan, Implementor of RealityMUD

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