[SYSTEM-Macintosh] Stock project file?

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@tzc.com)
Date: 11/25/98

As those of us who are working with Macs know, you need a project file
for CodeWarrior in order to get it to compile.  However, I am not the
best at tinkering with these things (considering my CodeWarrior
experience is next to nothing) and I am just wondering if someone has a
Project file, all ready for use to compile with stock code.  Ie. just
point to the stock code and the GUSI stuff (I can do that at least) and
let it rip.  I tried working with it with some help from Chris, but even
though I could finally get it to compile into an app, it didn't even run
past the window where it asks for the arguments that would normally be
typed in when running the process in UNIX.  Any help would be
appreciated.  I have GUSI 1.8.4 and am running CW Pro 2.  As to memory,
processor speed and such, no worries, my mother's iMac is good enough for
compiling since it has 64 megs RAM.

One thought to George, if he actually is reading this.  You might want to
include the Project file (in a .sit.hqx form) with the distrobution.  It
won't take much space (make 5-10k) and it would be much simpler to do so
than to have the person hunt around for it.

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