Re: [SYSTEM-Macintosh] Stock project file?

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 11/25/98

On 11/25/98 4:55 AM, Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM) stated:

>As those of us who are working with Macs know, you need a project file
>compiling since it has 64 megs RAM.

When running it on my system, it used less than 8 megs of RAM and ran
decently.  Having it running under MWDebug is handy for quick source
debugs if you are present.  Using AutoBoot and KeepItUp is also handy for
auto reboots on crash, since until OS X is here we dont have protected
memory or anything.  I found that it runs much better on UNIX, of course,
but for coding purposes, the MacOS rules supreme with CodeWarrior, and
Fetch or Anarchie or something for FTP, view by date modified in Finder,
reverse order, and use a file like "^ CHANGED FILES ^" to keep a breaker
on what has to be uploaded (and after the upload of recently modified
files gets finished, just make a quikc change to "^ CHANGED FILES ^",
like adding a space or something, and save, so it jumps to top of list).

>One thought to George, if he actually is reading this.  You might want to
>include the Project file (in a .sit.hqx form) with the distrobution.  It
>won't take much space (make 5-10k) and it would be much simpler to do so
>than to have the person hunt around for it.

It could be included without compression, with the .mcp extension, since
the project files are platform-independent now (what with CW on MacOS,
Win32, and Linux x86/PPC with next release).

Finally, GUSI 2 will be coming soon.  I'm an online friend of Matthias
Neeracher, and have been doing a little alpha testing for him with it.
Rather than POSIX.1 compliance, it has X/Open-97 compliance, with more
file, socket, and UNIX-like functionality, including pthreads!

- Chris Jacobson

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