Re: Win95 to Win98

From: Mo McKinlay (
Date: 11/25/98

> I've just gone from Win 95 to Win 98. I was just wondering if their is
> anything to be concerned about.

My Dad's been using Win98 since I lent him the second Beta. Apart from a
little hardware trouble he had (unrelated), it's been fairly stable. As
far as concerning issues go, I wouldn't worry too much, Win95, Win98 and
WinNT have all been stamped NON-Y2K compliant, and they all have you wouldn't be much better off staying with '95.

Something you will notice is when you move to and from '95 machines - you
start to miss the little additions in '98 that MS have added (unless
they're running the full-blooded IE4 active desktop, that is).

Another advantage to Win98 is that you don't have to fiddle with IE4 to
get it to work (though I prefer Netscape, which still works fine on '98) -
as MS have done the hard work for you.

All in all, there isn't too much to worry about; it's a pretty good
upgrade, especially for hardware support. You'll benefit most if you've
upgraded from a 95-A or 95-B1 installation. IE4 + downloaded tweaks +
95-B3 pretty much equates to '98, but you've got the hassle of configuring
it all ;). With '98, you don't have the hassle, and it seems to be quicker
and a little more stable too. WinSock 2 in '98 is improved over '95's
offering and seems a little more solid, which is good news for Win32
CircleMUD coders...

I hope this helps.

Mo McKinlay
Development and Support Manager
IDSS Department

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