Re: [Code] spell name is hanging the MUD

From: Mundi King (
Date: 11/27/98

im guessing this problem is related to one i had
a long time ago, i made a spell with a dash in it,
like magic-missile, mr andreason pointed out the
problem with my approach

the problem is, there isnt a dash in the chart for
converting english words into the "magic speach",
if you look right above the say_magic function you
will find a chart of all the characters that a spell
can have in its name

perhaps the "I" part of your spell is not being found,
so the function is going into an infinite loop

> We have added a few new spells to the MUD and everything works fine,
> except when the spell hits void say_spell.
> void say_spell(struct char_data * ch, int spellnum,
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