Re: [CODE] Restringing objects...

From: Rick Glover (
Date: 12/01/98

Use half_chop for each arg you need.

half_chop(argument, arg1, argument);
half_chop(argument, arg2, argument);

These will NOT ignore fill words, defined in interpreter.c (fill[]).

If you want to ignore fill words, use:

two_arguments(argument, arg1, arg2);
two_arguments(arg2, arg3 arg4);


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From: Christoffer Lundberg <>
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Date: Tuesday, December 01, 1998 12:00 PM
Subject:  [CODE] Restringing objects...

>Hello there...
>I have tried to make a restring command, allowing players to make
>their objects become other objects just by appearance. But I cannot
>seem to get enough arguments as I wish to type
>restring <object> <long|short|name> <string w/ spaces>
>but the only argumental assign I can think of is two_arguments, but that
>is only two arguments, not three, as I need. And the third needs to be
>defined as skip_spaces...

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