Re: mud code stolen

From: Brian (
Date: 12/03/98

While I know you said not to e-mail you on how to "steal code", I do have
another question which I'd like to find out (which probably has the same
answer as how to "steal code").

What did you do?  Is it a loophole in the security of the system you're
using?  I ask because I would like to test the security of the system I'm
on.  If anyone can just swipe my code, anytime they want, then I need to do
something about it.

What tests can I make to see if I can find out if my site/account is secure
from another account on the same system?

Hopefully it's not as simple as just CD'ing thru the tree and entering
others directories?

 - brian

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> That really is a drag.  But it can't be that uncommon.
> Probably posting all
> your code to usenet or the web is a bit extreme but I think
> it's pretty
> simple to steal code, in general.
> As a bit of an experiment to test the general security and
> privacy of user
> data, I just checked the server on which my mud resides.  I
> was able to take
> the code from EVERY mud on the box.  It took me about five
> minutes to do
> this.  I'm no hacker and certainly no genius.  If I could do
> this, you all
> could.
> I know this won't help you now, but you should, in the future, be more
> careful about protecting your code from the malicious people that will
> always be "out there".
> NOTE:  *DO NOT* e-mail me asking how to steal code! (I know somebody
> would...).  I *DO NOT* condone this.  It's an invasion of privacy and
> totally un-cool.
> Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a mountain of new code to
> evaluate! ;-)
> (j/k)

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