[CODE] Objects with spells

From: Jeremy Music (wyld@users.midsouth.net)
Date: 12/03/98

Wow I didn't realize how hard this could be.  I have been on a mud (and
even coded on a mud, should have looked at the source for this feature
then) that had permanent spellaffects on objects.  (A ring that gave the
wearer permanent sanctuary, "gills" that gave the wearer waterbreathing,
"wings" that gave the wearer flying...  you get the idea).

I would like to keep this as simple as possible (and I already have innate
racial affects, and an ability to get them back after a dispel) and, best
case scenario, make it accessible through OLC.  (like the APPLY code,
possibly even just expanding the APPLY code).

Is there a way to make APPLY_SANCTUARY, APPLY_FLYING, APPLY_BLESS, etc.?
This would be the absolute best way (for me) of doing this if it is

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