Re: [CODE] Objects with spells

From: Rick Glover (
Date: 12/03/98

The APPLY_x stuff mostly is used to modify numerical values of the char_data
(armor points, stats, level, gold, etc).  I think the best way to do what
you want is just add AFF_x flags to structs.h and increase the number of
NUM_AFF_FLAGS in olc.h.  When a player wears/holds/wields the object they
will be affected, but not affected_by_spell.  You can just make sure that
your 'dispel' spell doesn't remove affects from anyone that isn't


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From: Jeremy Music <wyld@USERS.MIDSOUTH.NET>
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Date: Thursday, December 03, 1998 2:29 PM
Subject:  [CODE] Objects with spells

>Wow I didn't realize how hard this could be.  I have been on a mud (and
>even coded on a mud, should have looked at the source for this feature
>then) that had permanent spellaffects on objects.  (A ring that gave the
>wearer permanent sanctuary, "gills" that gave the wearer waterbreathing,
>"wings" that gave the wearer flying...  you get the idea).
>I would like to keep this as simple as possible (and I already have innate
>racial affects, and an ability to get them back after a dispel) and, best
>case scenario, make it accessible through OLC.  (like the APPLY code,
>possibly even just expanding the APPLY code).
>Is there a way to make APPLY_SANCTUARY, APPLY_FLYING, APPLY_BLESS, etc.?
>This would be the absolute best way (for me) of doing this if it is

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