Re: [NEWBIE]More Cygwin q's...

From: Jon Blum (
Date: 12/05/98

A question - Does circle configure and compile correctly under B19? If so,
it might just be easier for me to use that...

Anyway, shell scripts are wroking now, ans I can run configure, but near the
end (well, I assume it's the end), it stops, with:

updating cache ./config.cache
creating ./config.status
configure: /bin/sh: not found

Now I know sh.exe is in bin, and everything is mounted, so I'm stumped as to
what's wrong. Or is just where b20 faults? I recieved sysdep.h & conf.h from
Edward (Thanks!), but I still need configure to create the makefile. Thanks!
-Jon Blum

>Try doing
>% sh configure
>% bash configure
>In any event, I will warn you right now that the
>configure script doesn't work properly under cygnus
>b20...  It will generate the conf.h and sysdep.h files,
>but they will not be correct (i.e. they will just be
>the default ones, not modified for your system).
>I have these header files for b20 and can email them
>to you, since it is a pain to figure out what you
>need to change :p

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