[runtime error at loading zone tables]

From: Tom Dailey (tomd@waymark.net)
Date: 12/08/98

hello, I am compiling our mud in vc 6.0 w/ all libraries installed on a =
machine.  It compiles mostly clean but dies during boot at "loading zone =
table" w/
one of those nasty pop-up boxes.  During debug, it points to 2 files, =
stream.c, one
of vc++'s library files, and db.c.

In stream.c, it points to this line of code.

    fd =3D _fileno(stream);  <---- in the context box, it says, =
rewind(_iobuf*) w/ variables=20
underneath it having CX0030:  ERROR:  expression cannot be evaluated.  =
Upon reading
the help file for this error, it has to do w/ memory addressing.

In db.c, it points to this piece of code.

#define Z zone_table[zone]

/* load the zone table and command tables */
load_zones(FILE * fl, char *zonename) {
  extern int load_zone_info(FILE *file, struct zone_data *z);
  static int zone =3D 0;
  int cmd_no =3D 0, num_of_cmds =3D 0, line_num =3D 0, tmp, error;
  char *ptr, buf[256], zname[256];

  strcpy(zname, zonename);

  while (get_line(fl, buf))
    num_of_cmds++;  /* this should be correct within 3 or so */
  rewind(fl);  <--------  It points to this line with context box =
                                load_zones(_iobuf*, char*) and under the =
locals tab,
                                several variables w/ the same CX0030 =

  if (num_of_cmds =3D=3D 0) {
    fprintf(stderr, "%s is empty!\n", zname);
The question is, has anyone ever come across this, and could it be os =
dependent, as we don't=20
have this error on our unix box.

Any help is appreciated,


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