Re: [NEWBIE] configure problems

From: Brian (
Date: 12/08/98

I've noticed some postings lately regarding Cygnus's compiler package
and needing header files, and it not compiling correctly, etc...  For
the record, I just wanted to state that if you follow the directions in
the docs (in the quoted message below the docs were lost, so it really
doesn't pertain to this message), the ./configure command will work
fine, and it will compile with no errors (lots and lots of warnings

However, I should also state that this was on bpl12, and 13a I believe.
Never tried it on 14.

The main problems people seem to be having is they aren't making the
"etc" and "bin" directories on their root drives (i.e. c:\bin\ and
c:\etc\).  Then you have the find the sh.exe file in the cygnus package
and copy it into the c:\bin directory.  Then you fire up the cygnus
batch file to activate the bash shell and go into the correct directory
and type ./configure.  Worked for me first time.  This was with a stock
download straight off  Obviously if you're compiling
your modified source I can't vouch that it takes the
correctly and outputs with all your settings, but it sure seemed to when
I first tried it (and I did nothing special).

Everybody installs it, but doesn't go back and read the continuation of
the installation instructions that requires manual installation of
directories and certain files into the c:\bin\ directory.  If need be I
can dig up the docs, and quote from the docs what I'm talking about, but
I think if those of you having problems will check, you'll spot what I'm
talking about right away (and you'll slap yourself in the forehead and
"ohhhhhhh" hehehe).

Anyways, hope this is of some value to someone.  There seems to be a lot
about Cygnus problems lately, and I never had any from the beginning.
Maybe it's because bpl14 isn't as cygnus-friendly?  I dunno...  I'd like
to know if it is not, for my own education.

Am I missing something?

- brian

Jason wrote:
> I apprecite the answers on this subject i have been able to get to one point
> however, (this is prolly a stupid question,but I cant find it in the docs of
> GNU win32) I start the compilation then it stops at the end and say
> /bin/sh:fileor directory not found. I seem to remember this a few days ago
> but I dont seem to find it in my deleted mail any ideas I have done the
> mount c:\~~~\bin /bin thing so I am a little confused.
> Jason
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> From: George <greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG>
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> Date: Tuesday, December 08, 1998 1:09 PM
> Subject: Re:  [NEWBIE] configure problems
> >On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Edward J Glamkowski wrote:
> >
> >>Hey George, can we get this Cygwin B20 problem in the
> >>FAQ?  I would be willing to upload my two header files
> >>to the ftp site as well, since I have gotten quite a
> >>few requests for them.
> >
> >Personally, I'd rather you submit a bug report to Cygnus so they get it
> >fixed. :)

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