Re: [NEWBIE] configure problems

From: Donald P. Taylor (
Date: 12/09/98

I have downloaded the Cygwin32 beta 20.1 and installed it. Upon running the
configure it makes it all the way through and SAYS  it creates the conf.h
but IT does not set any of
the defines in conf.h. I went back and trapped all of the output into a text
file and edited it by hand. After doing that and then finding that it did
not set it a define for CIRCLE_WINDOWS(just drop it in yourself).
Well that got me to the point where it will at least start to compile. It
does not compile yet however, as there are many more problems such as files
I seem to be missing(mmsystem.h).  This was all on a windows 95 box. A
friend of mine however uses NT and it all worked straight out of the box. So
when I figure out the rest of the problems I will be happy. As to those who
were stuck with it not compiling anything this should help a bit and maybe
you will get it up and running.

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> I've noticed some postings lately regarding Cygnus's compiler package
> and needing header files, and it not compiling correctly, etc...  For
> the record, I just wanted to state that if you follow the directions in
> the docs (in the quoted message below the docs were lost, so it really
> doesn't pertain to this message), the ./configure command will work
> fine, and it will compile with no errors (lots and lots of warnings
> though).


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