Re: [NEWBIE] configure problems

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 12/09/98

> I've noticed some postings lately regarding Cygnus's
> compiler package and needing header files, and it not
> compiling correctly, etc...  For the record, I just
> wanted to state that if you follow the directions in
> the docs (in the quoted message below the docs were
> lost, so it really doesn't pertain to this message),
> the ./configure command will work fine, and it will
> compile with no errors (lots and lots of warnings
> though).

If you follow the directions in the recent thread (i.e.
forget about configure and just manually edit your
header files), it will compile with zero warnings :p

> However, I should also state that this was on bpl12,
> and 13a I believe.  Never tried it on 14.

What what release of Cygwin?  Probably not b20...
I've used older versions without trouble, but b20
is defintely screwy (hence the 'b' in b20 for BETA ;)

> The main problems people seem to be having is they
> aren't making the "etc" and "bin" directories on
> their root drives (i.e. c:\bin\ and c:\etc\).

You shouldn't need an /etc, since that is for server
startup and initiailization files.
And even with a proper /bin dir setup, it still doesn't
work.  There are definitely some bugs in the new
version of cygwin...

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