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From: Christian Loth (
Date: 12/10/98


Dan Egli wrote:
> Anyone know the address of the intermud server? I downloaded the intermud
> patch and installed it, but the address specified in the files NEVER
> connects. I can only assume the intermud router moved.

First of all, WHICH of the gazillion Intermuds did you download and
install? ;)

> Is this intermud3 used by LPMuds? Or is it a Circle/Diku intermud, like
> Intermud3 is primarily LPMuds?

There are several protocols. The ones I have had a look at are the
circlemud protocol by Tempus MUD, intermud2 based on UDP (primarly
used by LP MUDs) which was developed by Zebedee MUD, and there is
also intermud3 (TCP based) which can be read about at some page
of (also mainly LPC muds).

You can download and install the following Intermud package: ... it can be
used to implement several protocols, implemented thus far are
the circle protocol by Tempus, and the intermud2 protocol
by Zebedee MUD. TCP based protocols are planned for version 3
but currently I am too busy with studies than beginning it ;)

Oh, I hope you do have egcs 1.x or later, for it needs a
more or less current libstdc++. gcc 2.8.x with libstdc++ add-on
should also work.

- Chris

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