Re: npc classes and races

From: Eduo (
Date: 12/10/98

On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, John Hines wrote:

> i have been searching thru the mailing list archives and the normal
> sites (ftp + www) for any sort of documentation about adding npc
> classes and/or races to circle.

Logic would dictate that npc classes can be added as another field, just
like the MOB_FLAG one right now. Unless I am mistaken, of course.

You can see how the MOB_SEX field works and duplicate it. Just remember to
update your mob files (or include provision for a default value in case
this is missing) and include it in OLC as well, if you have it.

I don't think stock has any of those flags, but you should be able of
knowing what I mean (although that would be rare..;)

Races are just exactly the same (in the same way that adding races -simple
races- is duplicating the classes behaviour).

Once you have this set you can add code, exceptions and checks to make the
world react to classes and races in your mobs.

While at this, I was wondering, has the races code that included changes
in body be updated yet? I liked that code..:)

> i'd appreciate the pointer. It just doesnt seem likely that npc races
> and classes can just be defined in structs.h and added to constants.c
> and that be it..

It can't, but then again it ain't so difficult..:)


Eduo, who just added MOB_ROCK and is so happy now of having
superconductive mobs..:)

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