problem with races

From: Christina Orr (
Date: 12/11/98

Ok.  I'm having a problem with races that I have not experienced before.
I'm sure that its something really simple but I'm just not getting it.  When
I boot up the mud and log on, as soon as I type the letter for the race it
goes back to the title screen and asking me what name I want.  The log shows
this error:

SYSERR: no valid target to act()!

which leads me to this code:

 if (ch && ch->in_room != NOWHERE)
    to = world[ch->in_room].people;
  else if (obj && obj->in_room != NOWHERE)
    to = world[obj->in_room].people;
  else {
    log("SYSERR: no valid target to act()!");

I checked out the CON_QRACE code and that looks like this:

END_TO_Q(race_menu, d);
    SEND_TO_Q("\r\nRace: ", d);

  case CON_QRACE:
    if ((GET_RACE(d->character) = parse_race(*arg)) == RACE_UNDEFINED) {
      SEND_TO_Q("\r\nThat's not a race.\r\nRace: ", d);

I don't see any problem with it.  Can anybody point me in the right
direction to look for this problem?


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