Re: projects, presents, and permutations

From: George (
Date: 12/11/98

On Fri, 11 Dec 1998, JonB wrote:

>>While at this, I was wondering, has the races code that included changes
>>in body be updated yet? I liked that code..:)
>  You mean as far as updating it to patch cleanly into pl14, no.  I think
>Ill re-make the patch once pl15 comes out, if it's on its way.

According to the ChangeLog, there has never been a release earlier than
February 6th after Christmas.  While it is, of course, possible to release
it earlier, I wouldn't count on a Christmas present from us this year

Well, not an official CircleMUD release anyway...

If I can get my Mud Client for Linux compression support working along with
a few other projects, I'll release some things on Christmas.  Might have to
use an 'at' job to do it, but I'll try. :)

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