Re: [OFF TOPIC][New Mud Base]

From: Del Minturn (
Date: 12/14/98

George wrote:
> It wouldn't take a lot of convincing to make the next version of CircleMUD
> in C++.  Or at least that is how Jeremy felt last time the issue came up.
> Then the issue becomes whether it is better to start from scratch rather
> than try to convert the existing code over to the C++ model.  And if we
> start from scratch, should we continue MUD++ (GPL) or begin anew?

The only thing I would be concerned with, would the basic linux system
(redhat 5.x or what ever) still be able to compile the c++????
If it would not, I would not recommend going to it.
Other than that, if it is more complicated to understand then I would
still recommend not going to it for the newbies again.

If the base code is going to be re-written in c++ would there be others
out there that would be continuing the efforts on the C code?

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