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From: Invincibill (
Date: 12/14/98

i would very much like to continue with the Mud++ model, but i could
never get ahold of the original author. i tried the mailing list and the
address in the headers but had no luck.

i really liked the MUD++ code because it looked well thought out and is
still in "baby stages" so is open to easier functional changes if its
deemed any need done.

I would be willing to donate some time and server space if necessary to
help get this going.  i think it would be fun and i would like to get
back into some c++.

if somebody could speak to jeremy (george) maybe we can get rolling on

George wrote:
> It wouldn't take a lot of convincing to make the next version of CircleMUD
> in C++.  Or at least that is how Jeremy felt last time the issue came up.
> Then the issue becomes whether it is better to start from scratch rather
> than try to convert the existing code over to the C++ model.  And if we
> start from scratch, should we continue MUD++ (GPL) or begin anew?
> Personally, I voted for C because it is much easier to read and understand,
> especially for people who would be picking up the code base for the first
> time.  I don't feel strongly about it so if the consensus is C++ then
> there's no problem with me.
> Anyway, finals time...
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