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From: George (
Date: 12/14/98

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Del Minturn wrote:

>The only thing I would be concerned with, would the basic linux system
>(redhat 5.x or what ever) still be able to compile the c++????

Considering both Jeremy and I are running RedHat 5.x currently[1], I doubt
it wouldn't compile.  You do have to remember to install g++ though.

>If it would not, I would not recommend going to it.

C++'s features are highly non-portable too.  If everyone hasn't already, go

It's quite a shame really.  We'd basically limit ourselves to anyone with
GCC or Windows if we did move to C++.  Or alternatively, limit ourselves to
"established" C++ features.

>Other than that, if it is more complicated to understand then I would
>still recommend not going to it for the newbies again.
>If the base code is going to be re-written in c++ would there be others
>out there that would be continuing the efforts on the C code?


George Greer, | Genius may have its limitations, but   (mostly) | stupidity is not thus handicapped.    |                  -- Elbert Hubbard

[1] But I'm not happy, I think I'm going back to Slackware with my 3.6 CD.
Or maybe I'll try Debian 2.0.  Bought all three distributions for $1.99
each. So I can change constantly. :)

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